Complete Dodge Engines

There are many differences between a new Dodge Engine, a rebuilt Dodge Engine and a used Dodge Engine. All have their good and bad points. At Dollar our main concern is getting you the best price.

These Dodge Engines come complete with an incredible warranty. No need to transfer any parts because these engines come with most of the parts you need already installed. This is a quality used engine taken from a retired vehicle. Most of these engines come complete with the valve covers, oil pan, timing components, sensors, intake, waterpump, distributor, etc. These engines do not come with your starter, alternator or powersteering pump. This list is meant as a guide and not an "absolute" as to what exactly comes on the engine.


Dont waste your time searching for the lowest price on an Dodge Engine. Dollar has done all the work for you and has negotiated the lowest prices in the country on used engines. We are able to sell these Dodge Engines at such a low price because we have taken out the middleman, along with all the fancy overhead cost. You want an Dodge Engine, we will sell you a quality warrantied Dodge Engine for the lowest price. These Dodge Engines will save you hundreds of dollars on the labor that you typically would spend on swapping over parts over on a new engine. Save that money and put it in your pocket!

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