New Rebuilt Used Engines

There are many differences between a new engine, a rebuilt engine and a used engine. All have their good and bad points. At Dollar our main concern is getting the lowest price.

Your vehicle's engine should last for nearly 200,000 miles. Of course, that assumes you're diligent about maintaining it properly throughout its life. You need to swap out the spark plugs, air filter, and change the oil periodically. You also need to replace the timing belt and change the coolant at regular intervals. Most people neglect to do these things and as a result, their engines fail long before the 200,000 mile marker. When this happens, their choices are limited to buying a new vehicle or replacing the failed assembly.


While most people will not come across a time when they need to consider a used engine, there are some instances where it is a must or where they just want to get more torque or general power out of their current car. It is overall cheaper than several repairs piled into one another, and it is much more affordable than buying a new or rebuilt engine.

With the difficult economic times we live in today, many people are facing a tough decision. Your mechanic has delivered the bad news: the engine in your trusty vehicle has just died. What do you do? Buying a new car and taking on years of added debt just isn't in your plans or your budget and yet you have got to have a car. Fortunately there is another option and it's not nearly as painful as a down payment and years of commitment would be. The answer you seek is both simple and complex. Replace the dead engine with a quality used one.

This choice is simple because used engines are everywhere these days and it's as easy to find one as getting online. The choice becomes complex because you want to make sure that the used engine you select is a quality engine that has a many good years and miles left. The best way to ensure that you get a decent replacement engine the first time around is to do a little homework.

The first thing to decide is how much money you are willing and able to spend on a replacement engine. This will determine the answer to the next question. Is there a certain mileage you would be happier with? Keep in mind that the age of the vehicle will have a lot to do with how hard or easy it will be to find an engine with the mileage you desire. Obviously the older the vehicle, the harder it will be to find an engine with lower miles. That's not to say you can't find one, you just may have to look a little longer. Mileage and price tend to go hand in hand so if you decide to go with very low mileage, expect to pay for it.